Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Running With My Boy

Trey has gone on a run with daddy before, but today went running with me. He did really well, he runs all over the place, jumping curbs- up down all around, one side of me and then the other- but i guess he's got to keep it interesting for himself. He was picking up newspapers the whole way too and saying how he wanted to be a paperboy. Oh boy, the memories of my mom waking me up before the crack of dawn-acting like i was gonna get up and then as soon as she was gone dropping back in bed- rolling newspapers at wee hrs of the morning, trudging through snow and coming home sure that i had frostbite on every finger- being chased by a pit bull and dropping papers the whole way home- having to go home and get help because i had thrown a paper on someones roof- knowing for sure that the boogie man was hiding behind every tree i passed,-coming outside to see it was raining-uggg we have to bag them too! Are you sure you want to be a paperboy Trey??? :) Anyway it was fun being able to have him run with me. It reminded me of running with my brother John when he wasn't a whole lot older than Trey is now.

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