Thursday, September 09, 2010

Big year

Trey has had a year of exciting firsts this fall. He graduated into the middle school ministry at church (youth group) called " Switch" and loves it. They had their first activity last week...a door to door scavenger hunt, nothing says youth group like a good ol scavenger hunt!

He started middle school. I think now a few weeks in he would admit he was pretty nervous. He really struggled with his locker combos the first couple of weeks but after someone helping him with "zeroing it out" he is having no more issues. He is loving the fact that in several weeks of school he has only had homework one time! Dad and i are loving it too!!! He is taking a tutorial class the first semester in which he get's most of his homework done. They also have "ice" time last period to work on homework as well. I told him he better get all math questions out of the way during these periods!!

Over the weekend we realized that he still needed a physical form filled out for sports that started Tuesday so we went in to urgent care (thankfully they do sports physicals during this if needed) He got himself pretty worked up on the way to the dr at the thought of possibly having a shot (i knew tetanus was a possibility so had warned him). The last time he got a flu shot several years ago he almost passed out and they made him lay upside down for awhile...he get's really freaked he was sweating and thought he was going to throw up before we ever went in. He settled down a bit but you can imagine his reaction when he learned he was not only going to get the tetanus but also another chickenpox and a blood draw! He made it through and he and i are glad that shots are over for quite awhile!! He was able to laugh with me a little bit about it all afterwards.

He started cross country on Tuesday. He and a new friend of his are pretty competitive with each other. Yesterday he and Trey were the first two 6th graders but he beat Trey...i think they will have some healthy competition throughout the season. They are in the same pe class and have been running in pe so have been going back and forth beating each other. He is getting lot's of running in! I'm thinking another race together may have to happen again!

He is growing up so much! I love our times driving around at night (he loves going with me to drive what i ran) he loves nothing more than going for a drive at night with the windows down. We have had some great talks! He has such a good sense of humor. He has gone through a period of struggling with his attitude the past year or so but has improved greatly and is putting a lot of effort at least most of the time to have a good attitude! He is a pre-teen so he of course is going to have his moments... he apologized the other day while ethan and avery were fighting saying "now i know how you guys feel when avery and i fight, i'm sorry!". I really love this kid!

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Michelle said...

What a sweet, sweet boy. I hope Joey's like him when he gets older!