Thursday, April 16, 2009

2100 questions

Trey decided he wanted to jump on the strep band-wagon. He came home from school with a fever and the aches but no sore throat. I took him to urgent care because he is going with daddy to Nebraska on Friday for a football game and does NOT want to miss it! His test was positive so they gave him his choice of treatment 1.shot or 2. 10 days of liquid med twice a day...which did he choose?? That's right, he's like his mom, he chose to do the 10 day although unlike me he didn't even consider the quickly as the dr spoke he said "i'm not getting that"! Who am i (who had wimped out just 2 days earlier) to do anything but say we will take the liquid :)

After leaving the dr office we drove right by one of the "tea parties" which is where the 2100 questions comes in! Trey saw a sign that said something about slavery and said "oh goodness, don't they know that slavery is no more? We already won that war." cracked me up a little bit...the rest of the ride home was a whole lotta tax talk with my 10 year old. Many of his questions i didn't have an answer for and for one of them i said "well let's go home and google that, Trey"i guess this is a 10 year old's sickie survival kit

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