Saturday, July 17, 2010

Twilight 5k

I'm enjoying doing some shorter distances this summer. Although in a week, i will start my 12 week training program that i am going to follow to get ready for the Kansas City half marathon in Oct.

There was an evening race last night out in Lees Summit that i had signed up for. At about 6 or 6:30 last night it started storming horribly so i was a little bummed cause i thought we might not get to run...but the storm passed pretty quickly and it ended up being a beautiful evening for a run. Would have been more beautiful without the humidity but oh well, getting used to that!

Raegan all day asked if she could run with me and i hold her hand and Ethan did a lot of running with me while i warmed up. He just wanted to keep going but i told him mommy had to stop running or i was going to be too tired to run my race!

And, here are some pictures...

coming in to the finish. The lady in the white tank top...she and i battled back and forth for 4th place woman's overall. She would get ahead a little then i would catch her and we would run right together for a minute or two and then on the last hill she fell back a little. She pushed me pretty hard! My finishing time was 23:19, a minute slower than my last 5k but i was still ok with it, the last one was flat and this one was not!

me and the kids (minus avery because she spent the night with maggie) after the race. notice ethan's batman cape. he wore that all night and everyone loved it...he got a lot of comments :)

resting a bit after the race

my cheering section!

I got a first place medal for my age group which i have been learning is a pretty competitive age group (35-39) not sure what it is...maybe because we are all done having babies and just pour everything into running :) I did the Mass Street mile on July 4th and placed ninth overall and most of the runners ahead of me were around my age and older, of course there were some college aged runners in there too. So...i guess entering next month into my second half of my thirties might not be so bad after all! :)


June said...

Good Job, Elisa. First place in your age division? That is awesome! I guess I will never get first place now that you are in my age division. Ha-just kidding. :) I am so excited that you are back in the racin groove.

Jen said...

AWESOME JOB girl!!! You truly inspire me! I am really going to shoot for that half marathon in Oct too. I'll have to look up that training schedule you were telling me about. I can't wait! :D

Amber said...

Wow! You are a fast 5K runner! I never can pick up any speed until AFTER the 5K mark. I've tried....I'm just not a short distance runner I guess. I have two speeds: 1) slow & 2)slower! I even have a running shirt that says "This IS my race pace!" sister made me buy it!