Monday, July 05, 2010

Camp Gramma Day 1

Camp Gramma is underway! We headed to Hutchinson this morning in pouring rain the whole way with a winshield wiper that didn't seem to like my side of the windshield and with kids that asked 339 times "how much longer till we get there" so our 3 and half hour drive FELT all of six hours!

our 22 campers! my parents backyard is flooded right now, which is where the crew was supposed to be the garage has turned into the boys dorm complete with carpet padding. The girls are "roughing" it in the basement. The youngest two (raegan and hudson) are not sleeping with the rest of the group, they are with their mommy's...we need some sanity!

We went to a gym and a football field to play some games. The older kids had a great game of dodgeball going. we headed over to the football field then and all took our turns trying to kick a field goal. Susan and i had to borrow one of my mom's tennis shoes...i didn't make it, for the record...i know, so surprising. ha!
ethan giving it his best shot! he ran all the way around the track without stopping. i think he will sleep well tonight!

gramma gave it a shot too, go gramma
trey got pretty close a couple of times!

swim time!

the boys had a good ol time in the flooded back yard, the boys were dragging each other around

pizza dinner the first night...the little girls' table

the group at the football field

we were doing some individual family pictures, so i got one with me and my kiddos

ethan and eli during prayer after our camp meeting

It's going to be a fun week, i'm sure i will have tons more pictures in the next few days...i should probably go get some sleep...

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Amber said...

I LOVE reading these posts! You have such neat family traditions :-)