Thursday, July 22, 2010

City of fountains

On my list of things i wanted to do before the kids head back to school this fall was to go down to Crown Center fountains and let them play in them. We needed a break from the pool today so we packed a picnic lunch and went down town...

i went off without our towels...but who really needs a towel when it is 90 some odd degrees outside!

lunch time!

raegan was not fond of going in to the fountains. she got a little close but would quickly run back. she did cry most of the way home though because she didn't get to play in the fountains...sometimes it's just hard being 2...

we also went to the "Clifford the big red dog" exhibit. i had thought about doing Fritzs' for lunch, but after seeing the massive line waiting to get in there i was SO glad that i opted for a picnic much more relaxing!

Ethan was very upset because he thought we were going to see a real, LIVE Clifford...he did have fun playing but when it was time to go he was ready to go see "the real Clifford"...oops!

we walked across the link to Union Station. i took the kids to the Amtrak station. we are going to St Louis by Amtrak in August so they got excited seeing where we will be getting on the train.

raegan found a couple of friends she would have loved to have brought home but she settled for giving them kisses and leaving them at the toy store!

We had a fun day. I think i enjoyed it as much as the kids and i didn't even run through the fountains!

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Barbie said...

That was great! Sounds like you had a fun day! Great pictures!