Monday, June 15, 2009

Messy Monday

i think my words were "johnny can you get raegan she's being too quiet in the bathroom...she found the noxema!
not 5 minutes later Ethan dumped a whole bowl of frosted flakes...thank goodness with no milk! I let him clean up his own mess.
he probably would have vacuumed all night if i would have let him...he was getting a little distracted

I was hoping for a nice pool day today and that's exactly what we got. I also got a nice bright sunburn again. Raegan did great at the pool today, i don't think she stole a single flip-flop (do you hear me knocking on wood?) towards the middle of the afternoon she even ventured out in the water and sat down in the water and LIKED it! The girl has done nothing but get her toes wet so this is GREAT improvement. I took Ethan to the diving board and today's trick was walking backwards till he just fell off the board...scared mommy a bit but he loved it.

Today is day two of "operation bye bye ba-ba" I'm ashamed to say (well i'm not really that ashamed of it to be honest) I am the mommy of a 22 month old very attached to her bottle (ba-ba). When she threw an absolute fit when we didn't have one yesterday for her we decided, now is the time...we have two weeks before vacation...let's get her broke. Last night Johnny said she cried broken hearted for one before bed but finally took a sippy and went to sleep. This morning when she woke up (she always wants her bottle when she wakes up) i brought her a sippy and she cried "" but finally gave in and took the sippy after about 15 minutes. She went to bed like a big girl tonight without one so i think the hardest part is over, or at least i hope so.


June said...

I hope you aren't too red to go swimming today. :)

Noxema is better than Vaseline. You can put my sunscreen on today. It is gonna be hot.

PamperingBeki said...

Oh how funny!!

That sounds like my house.

Hey, will you email me? I didn't see a spot to contact you. joshandbeki AT I have a question. :)

Don and Roberta Graber said...

And Elisa, how old were you when you gave up your "ba-ba"?

John & Elisa Seaba said...

ummm, yea...they come by it honestly that is for sure :)