Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wedding weekend

the ring bearer ready for some action

untucked and facing the wrong direction the whole wedding but he stood nice and quiet
he and Elizabeth held hands on the way was cute
this piece of cake terrified me with his dress clothes!
Trey took lots of pictures with the table cameras
yea, still terrifying me!
the PLACE to hang out...all the little ones stayed really close to the ice
"that's it i'm getting in!"
Raegan and her 2nd cousin Eden
miss Avery
Ethan doing some dancing
the little girls were ready to take the stage by the end

I have been slow at getting wedding pictures on this week. Johnny's brother and Denise tied the knot this past Saturday. Ethan was the ring bearer and looked pretty cute in my biased opinion. The one picture that was taken of him coming up the aisle, taken by someone other than myself, but we won't mention any names...was blurry...oh well. They had a fun beach themed reception. Chocolate fountain and strawberries...can it get any better? Not for me, i have a real weakness...the chocolate always wins! Congrats to Duane and Denise...they are off honeymooning.

I've been too busy hanging out at the pool in this HOT weather! Vacation is in 2 days so we are skipping the pool today and actually going to start packing...after i finish blogging...


The Rutledges..... said...

Such the party children they are!! I just showed Will the pics of Ethan. Will is the "Ring Tiger" as he is calling it in a wedding in a couple of weeks....I was thrilled to show him that Ethan did the same thing. That helps!

John and Melanie said...

Oh Elisa, those pictures of Ethan reminds me of Trey at our wedding.
Too Cute!