Monday, June 01, 2009

Play Ball...or not

I love catching pictures of my little man who falls asleep mid-play all the time!
Guess who jumps off the diving board at the pool?? That's right my 3 year old little man decked out in his life jacket snuck over to the big pool without me knowing and then came back to inform me how non- scary it was and now is amongst all the flippers and belly floppers and follows the rules to the tee of waiting till the previous diver is to the side. He get's lot's of smiles until he runs over and get's on the board ready to launch WITHOUT life jacket the minute we got to the pool yesterday...daddy's little "sprint and grab" saved the day and life jacket will now ALWAYS be on PRIOR to entering the facility!!

I will be taking pictures today at the pool probably but no promises because i will of course be busy chasing around my "flip-flop, chair, towel, food thief who likes to wander and wave at me and start who knows if i will have a chance to snap pictures...

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