Saturday, March 31, 2007

Sure Enough

Trey had strep when i took him in. I was reassured by the dr that it is definitely time to get the tonsils out (that it would def. cut back the strep infections) so when we got home from getting his script i called and left a message with the ent that we saw back before Christmas to get his surgery scheduled late May or early June. He is ready and not terrified anymore like he was back when the dr first started talking about it. He would cry at the mention of the word tonsils back then. Now he is just sick of getting strep throat and ready. He thinks eating popsicles and ice cream for meals sounds kind of fun too. He was cracking me up talking about his tonsils yesterday, he was asking again exactly where they were and if they kept his uvula (??no idea how to spell that!!) from moving around and that if it was going to"wiggle" around all the time when his tonsils are out. The things an 8 yr old worries about:)
I came out to my sister's last night at midnight to sleep so that i can watch her kids today while she and Damon go do a trail duathlon, which sounds really fun. I think i will have to get in shape and do some of those with them after i have Reagan.


Val said...

That's a great story about Trey and his uvula!

Michelle said...

Great story. You can tell Trey that his uvula will be just like a normal uvula after his tonsils are out...he won't notice a thing. Sounds like a crazy week for you. I don't know how you do it! :)