Thursday, March 08, 2007

Spring Is In The Air

Which means it's time for the albuterol inhaler, nebulizer, singulair, flovent, benadryl, zyrtec, nasal spray, eye drops and a variety of skin creams and steroid creams. Oh the fun of springtime for Avery! She has been coughing and wheezing all day and has needed two treatments already. I have had a spot on my wrist that has been itching constantly the last month and it drives me crazy, so it's reminded me how miserable my little girl probably is when she has areas all over her body that itch horribly! It's no wonder she has some crabby days. Typical eczema is worse in the winter (so i've been told by her dermatologist) but Avery's get's so much better during the winter and then in spring and summer is aggravated by allergens. We will be looking into starting allergy shots this year. They didn't allow her to start last year because she wasn't able to do the peak-flow-meter. Hopefully that shouldn't be a problem this year and we can get the process started! They are not sure if she is going to be a good candidate for the shots becasue they worry the shots may aggravate her skin because of the eczema, so hopefully that will not be the case!

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Paula said...

Eczema is tough because mine will probably flare up soon-unless my hormones take care of it!! Mine is worse when the seasons change or it gets really warm-the heat makes it worse. I will pray relief for Avery.