Monday, March 12, 2007

"Hey Mommy What's Up?"

"Been Wondering how i'm doing in here? Well here's a little kick and a little nudge to let you know i'm growing and doing just fine! Just swimming and developing, it's a lot of work you know." I've been feeling little things i have thought were movements this last week but haven't been completely sure but last night i was laying there with my hand on my stomach and i got a definite little kick and movement! So then i waited and waited some more but my little stinker was only giving me a little tease. I have my sonogram on Friday which we and the kids are anxiously awaiting to find out if they are going to be having a brother or a sister.

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Jen Dixon said...

Aaaahhh! I'm so glad to hear that everything seems to be going good with your newest little bundle of joy on the way. That is the neatest feeling in the world when you start to feel them kick (flutter) inside you. We continue to pray for this new little one constantly! Love you!