Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Hangin At My Parents

The kids and i got down to Hutch yesterday at about 1:00. The kids and i went out to Applebees for dinner with Greg and Susan and their kids last night and then i went to their place to check out their cruise pics and video which make me want to take a cruise! Ethan had a rough first night at Grandmas, i don't know what was wrong but he cried till about midnight and finally fell asleep beside me in bed. Trey and Avery are having quite the time of sibling rivalry right now, they fight over just about everything and mommy is getting quite tired of playing refferee. Last night it was about who would get to sleep on the top bunk in Grandmas playroom. My dumb solution was to tell them whoever gave up the top bunk and slept on the bottom last night would get the top the next two nights Not A Solution at all, just started a fight about who would then sleep on the bottom bunk. Needless to say they ended up in my room with me. AARG!! My mom made us a big breakfast this morning, i am going to put on the weight this week let me tell ya! Her jars of mini candy bars aren't going to help me out any!! Ethan is keeping very busy exploring, and getting into things as usual. He hasn't destroyed anything YET, unless Grandpa's dental floss counts. I am enjoying just relaxing and hanging out. I will post some pics later once i take some :)

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Paula said...

Remember-you are eating for two!! Yea big meals. My problem is I am getting picky with food because nothing sounds good or only one thing so I think this baby is already getting spoiled!