Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Day 3

The kids have been going strong all day long. no naps. lot's of meltdowns. lot's of tattletaling (boys against girls, girls against boys). lots of fun. lots of cousin time. lots of holes in socks. lots of dirty clothes. lots of dirty faces. lots of baths at night...and lots of sleeping children right now!

this pile of money...a dream come true for my mom. she would have been in coin heaven...if there was such a thing. my sisters came back from their run this morning and started unloading a pocket that was filled with almost a hundred coins. they had come across them all over an area on a street and couldn't pass them up. my mom, maggie and i went back to clean up any they had missed and found 35 more. my mom always comes home from runs with coins, she would never leave a penny. ever. coin heaven, i'm tellin ya!

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