Thursday, March 11, 2010

I got nuthin

Couldn't think of even a one word title. I think my brain is tired. I'm going to go rest a bit. We have been working on the bathroom this week. As you can see, still no light. If you are friends with me on facebook you may know that this is because my dear little Raegan shattered not one but two of the glass shades while daddy was working on installing the fixture, only after of course getting a hold of Avery's google artwork that she had worked on for several days (for school) and marked in green marker all over it. Avery handled it amazingly well and she took it to school with her, white out and all. I promised an after picture, so here is the almost after. We still have a few touch ups, racks to put up and of course a light fixture but at least i don't have white splotches all over still

And in case you wondered what it was like to have one tiny bathroom with 6 people in our family?? No, not a lot of privacy, yes we start calling tabs on the bathroom as we pull into the driveway sometimes and yes, one of our boys has been know to run to the back porch and pee in the grass in desperate situations (Ethan) but other than that it is not that bad. When we someday have a second toilet i will just appreciate it that much more. Ok enough talk of bathrooms and toilets...

Raegan wants to go "fwimmin"! I bought the kids new suits. I didn't like how hers fit so had to hide it before she spilled something on it so she took to Ethan's. She wore it all afternoon. I can only hope that she "fwims" this year,
instead of stealing flip flops and rummaging through others bags. I bought my pool passes the other day so i'm starting to get excited to get my "pool bag" ready.

I will be heading to Hutchinson with the kids to spend Spring break at my parents house, so will be keeping busy this weekend trying to get everything done and get packed.

Have a great weekend!

Oh and i have to share this. If you want a little chuckle, just head over to my sister's blog and see why you might not want to go to church after working all night...i laugh randomly still just thinking about it! She will probably kill me, but i just had to share for any that haven't read it :)


Scott, Joanna, Matthew said...

Love the paint color! I have a bedroom that is a similar color!

Barbie Wilson said...

The new bathroom looks great! I KNOW what it's like to share a bathroom with a lot of people. Growing up, there was one bathroom for 12 people. Sometimes it seems like one is not enought even for 2 people :)

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

Your bathroom is really cute!

In our new house we'll only have one. Yikes! I'm scared of that.