Wednesday, March 31, 2010


A patient kitty we do have. when Raegan picks her up she just goes limp...i think she is really just paralyzed with fear for her life! Trey loves his cat, but who was the one that bawled her blessed little head off when we took "cheeta" to the vet to get fixed? (that's right, no more kittens for us!!) I did not realize how attached Raegan was, and she panicked as we went to the car without her "mommy, cheeta!!" and then cried all the way home. Now that she is fixed, she get's to hang out outside instead of the garage as we don't have to worry about the male cats "fighting" with her like the kids say... which she loves, the being outside that is! Occasionally she will plant herself somewhere in the house and act like she is queen of the castle. And then the kids do this to her...

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