Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring break

each spring break for the last four or five years the kids and i have headed to Hutchinson to spend some time with my parents, my sister and cousins. it's always good to go home!

this bridge always excites the kids when they see it! it means we have arrived in Hutchinson

we started out the week with one of the places we "have" to eat at each time we visit. Johnny isn't very impressed so i think you just have to grow up with it to really "love" it!

the kids enjoyed mcdonalds while the adults enjoyed taco hut

my sisters were skyping with their husbands and then the brother in laws were talking to each other...crazy technology

raegan and molly have been together non-sto
eli, lauryn and ethan hanging out
the boys all can all play against each other on their nintendo ds games

raegan watching grandpa dig up some pansies to take to the church to plant

avery doesn't get to play on my laptop at home so she is thrilled that i let her while at grandma's. i stuck headphones on her because we all didn't want to listen to the music on the american girl game!

I haven't been making Raegan take a nap so by 8 she is exausted and slept till 9:45 am this morning!! Needless to say, i got a great nights sleep for my first night away. I'm getting to run this week with a Garmin watch (totally awesome) so i'm feeling a little covetous! We all just had a fun dinner out at Applebees and it is now bath and bedtime so i'm off!


Jen said...

How fun!!! Love the "skyping"-- brother in laws talking to one another! That's great! ha-ha!

Journaling My Journey said...

We love to have you home!

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

How fun!

We only go to Hutchinson for Anchor Inn. Every few months I get a craving for it and insist that we drive over there for dinner. :)

Barbie Wilson said...

You are having WAY TOO MUCH FUN!!! LOL