Sunday, March 07, 2010

That time of the year

Tax time has become the time when we dive in and take on projects that have needed to be done all year. A while back i decided that the wall paper in the bathroom had to go. I ripped all the wallpaper down and followed with a pathetic excuse of a paint job. I got the walls covered but did a hideous job if i may say so myself. I didn't want to wait on my husband to fix the holes and imperfections in the walls that had been hidden by wallpaper.

It's been driving me crazy, and of late has started driving Johnny crazy as well. Either that or he is just sick of me talking about's probably the latter.

So tonight, this is what my bathroom looks like. I don't do well with all of my bathroom contents laying outside the bathroom door. Eek, i just want everything to get done and put everything back together. That's the best part about a project, But i'm gritting my teeth and waiting.

Trust me, it's not like i haven't had to endure long home repair/improvements...i did do my dishes in the bathtub for a month when we gutted our kitchen...sheesh i couldn't do that again, i'd lose my mind!

I'm glad my husband can make the walls pretty and all...cause slapping up some paint just doesn't do the trick! And thank goodness, we got a new lighting fixture to replace THAT one...wanted to do that forever too! I think every day for the last 10 years it has had a light bulb burnt out or missing.

Finished product later, but for now....

We have some other projects going to. I've been collecting things for the girl's room including a bunch of paint samples...little overwhelmed at the many choices of pink paint but we shall find one we like...i hope!

Happy Sunday to you!

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Barbie Wilson said...

Happy re-modeling! Can't wait to see the finished project.