Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Things i love

The first half of a soda...the last half is never as good!

When something goes on sale right after i buy it and i get some unexpected money back!

When i have a great run and i sweat a lot!

Having kids! Some days are so hard, frustrating & exhausting, but i wouldn't trade my four little stinkers for anything!!!

My cozy house...granted i am writing this at night when the kids are all sleeping...it is a little too cozy when everyone is awake and running around like crazy people...i often day dream about what it will be like someday to have a basement with a play room! Every time i start to complain about our house, my mind get's immediately redirected to how good we have things in comparison to so many. we just happen to live in a very wealthy county, and sometimes that tends to throw things out of perspective!

Ramen noodles...i always have, probably cause i like salt!

Flying down a pitch dark water slide with my daughter while we scream our heads off!

My husband, even though some days we drive each other crazy...we are best of friends. i love that!

Butterfinger candy bars and reeces peanut butter cups...i buy the mini ones for our snack cupboard, i just have to stop!

Hearing my two year old say "i lub you"

Seeing my oldest daughter fix her sister's hair and listen to them talk to each other...so sweet!

Laying down on the couch after i put the little ones down for their naps and dozing off!!

My Sunday morning coffee (with a ton of cream and sugar) that i have during Sunday school every Sunday. It is the only time during the week i drink coffee.

Listening to my boys play their war games with their sound effects together.

The sound of a light rain on a Spring night.

Just a few of the many things i love...


Paula said...

Loved your list, I decided to add one of my own. Thanks for reminding me to think of the things I love.

Kerry Shealy said...

I LOVE this post! I'm going to copy you!