Thursday, March 18, 2010

More lazy days

i do take pictures of my other children but this week i have had a hard time catching them sitting still long enough to get a picture of them very close up. raegan still is at that age where she sticks close by and likes to check in with me every now and then. so this week i may look like i'm playing favorites. i will try to make up for it.

enjoying the beautiful day
just hanging round and round...

We are winding down our week in Hutchinson. We will head home tomorrow. Last night the week of being outside caught up with the girls. Avery woke up at 12:30 am not being able to breath(nothing a quick breathing treatment wouldn't help) and Raegan woke up at the same time and was awake until 3:30 on and off itching. All that spring air, love it but hate what it does to my girl's lungs and skin!

We have had the perfect weather week for spring break that i had hoped for. I'm hoping the weather people are dead wrong about the forecast for snow this weekend! In case they are right, i went ahead today and knocked out my 10 mile run on this beautiful day so that i didn't have to worry about it this weekend. Johnny is having a horrible time with his calf, he did something to it while running a couple of weeks ago and has been struggling with it ever since. He is really bummed about not being able to do the half-marathon in April but hopefully we will be able to do one together later this summer. I know how frustrating it is to be slowed by injuries, when you really want to accomplish something, but i have no doubt he will accomplish one...just not this one like he wanted. We did have some fun competition for awhile there.

I'm working a 16 hr day on Saturday so i will probably not be blogging this weekend. At least if it's snowing i won't be missing out on beautiful weather! Have a great weekend!


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grammaneir said...

It was a fun week - wish you didn't have to go back and work so hard. We loved being able to spend time with you and the kids.