Thursday, March 25, 2010

Coco Keys

We went to Coco Key on Tuesday afternoon after school. My sister and her family were in town on their spring break, so all 3 of my sisters and our families decided to make a night of it at a water park.

Trey cut his foot in the lazy river and after trying to get it to stop bleeding on our own for at least 20 minutes decided he needed to go to the first aid booth and get it fixed up so he didn't trail blood all over any more than he already had!

Daddy hung out in the hot tub a lot since his back was really hurting him. He decided water slides would not be a good idea. good choice!

Malia, Avery and Meryn

Raegan wanted nothing to do with water slides, even the little ones! She did on the other hand like to hang out at the top of the slides and holler at me.

Ethan loved all the slides. I didn't get any pictures of him going down the bigger slides but he did!

I had picked the kids up from school and gone straight to the water park. When we got home that night Trey's backpack was nowhere to be found. (filled with study guides, 3 text books and his expando file with all of his finished and to be finished papers)

I called the hotel yesterday to check and see if anything had been turned in...nothing. Today i was talking to my sister on the phone and just happened to mention the lost back pack. She said they had seen a back pack on the curb at Coco Key but didn't even think about it being someones from the park...they had crying kids and just didn't think much about it so didn't check it out.

I quickly called the hotel and asked again and sure enough the maintenance man had found the back pack!(sigh of relief!)

Because all of the kids got out of the same door on Tuesday, i believe that someone got into our van and snatched his back pack...and then quickly discarded it when all they found was textbooks! There is really no other explanation with where it was found. Trey prayed this morning on the way to school that he would find it and i can't wait to pick him up and see how happy he is to see that he has it again (redoing math packets was upsetting him big time)!

** edited to add- i did lock my van, we have faulty locks that sometimes unless manually locked do not always lock, so the van was not visibly broke into...and we don't know that is what happened...just the only reasonable explanation i can come up with.

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Val said...

PRAISE THE LORD! What a blessing that his backpack was found. I hate losing stuff. I'm sure Trey will be ecstatic to learn that it's found!