Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Bit of this and a bit of that

I have been so tired this week. Johnny and i have been doing lot's of running to get in shape for the half marathon in April and i have realized just how out of shape i had gotten over the winter. Yes, i would run from time to time but not faithfully and not enough to keep me in the groove at all! I have been having horrible head aches that i'm sure are tension head aches...probably from getting back to running and the way i hold my head. Biofreeze is my friend right now since that is the only thing that will help when i get a bad one.

I finally got out to shop a little today (iv'e been trying to the last 2 days but by the time i get ready i collapse on the couch barely able to keep my eyes open) pathetic, i know!

Ethan has been talking lately about the date i'm going to take him on (he has heard Avery talking about hers with Daddy from the past) he points to tall buildings and says that is where i am going to take him on our date. So far we are going to go to Garmin and a high rise nursing home...exciting!

Just spent about 45 minutes at Hobby Lobby. Ethan "straightened" things on the shelves the entire time we were in there. As we were leaving he said "i guess my work here is done". Yes, Ethan it is. He makes me laugh everyday.

Yesterday Trey's basketball team (he is playing in a league with Berean Christian where he went to school a couple of years) won. This is the first year he has played basketball and he has come a long ways in 6 weeks. It's a good thing we have hardwoods because our living room has been a dribbling practice floor for the past 6 weeks...i'm sure that hasn't helped with my headaches! :)

Avery has been working really hard at school on her songs for the third grade music program. Their performance was last night (we had a really full day yesterday!) She did a great job. It was sports themed and was dedicated to their PE teacher.

Signed both Trey and Avery up with Upwards soccer yesterday. That means it's almost Spring...YAY!!! They each get to play with a couple of their friends so we always look forward to hanging out with the families...good times!

Here are a couple pictures from last night...

This is Avery and her friend Emma. They have played soccer the past couple of years together and again this year along with another friend! Your going to do awesome girls!

Hope you are having a great week!

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