Friday, June 29, 2007

Trey's Mountain Climb

On Monday some of the group went to climb the WestPeak. Since i didn't want to give birth on top of a mountain, i stayed back.:) Avery really wanted to go but i decided to keep her back because of her asthma and the fact that i wouldn't be with her if she did have any trouble. Trey made it to the top of the mountain, we were so proud of him!! You can see in one of the pictures he has his cap gun that he took so he could shoot any bears or mountain lions he might encounter. I climbed to the peak when i was in high school and Johnny did it the year we got engaged, so one of these days we will go back and do it as a family.


Val said...

Wow, Lisa! I'm really enjoying your pictures from Colorado. They're great and it looks like you had a fantastic time!

We'll go pick up Johnny in like 15 hours!

Michelle said...

It was fun travelling with Johnny. Hopefully when the guys get back from their trip we will have some good pictures of all of them to post on my blog. I'm sure you're missing your husband. I'm missing mine, and I've only been away from him for two days so far!
Just wanted you to know that I was thinking about you!

seabafive said...

Thanks Michelle! Yes i am missing him!! The weekend went fairly quickly , so mabye the next week will as well although i know he is probably having an awesome time so i am glad for that! Hope you girls have fun, i'm sure you will!

Val said...

Hey! Josh texted yesterday and I'm supposed to relay the message to you that your husband misses the crap out of you! =)

I hope the time is flying by for you!

Jen said...

All your photos of Colorado are awesome! I loved the "virtual vacation" I got from looking at them all! It sounds like you guys had a ball! I'm glad you made it back safely! It's so good to see photos back on your blog again. Glad you got your computer to cooperate once again!