Monday, June 11, 2007

Another Weekend Down...

I am counting down the weekends that i have to work before the baby. I am off a couple of them so if i work till the end there is 8 more (although i don't know if i will make it all the way to the end). After a few more i may go down to one night instead of two.

Trey is doing pretty good. He is still eating pretty soft stuff, but his appetite is picking up. He has had us write his name on a bag of Doritoes and cookies to be saved for when his throat feels better. He is still having to take tylenol for the pain especially in the morning it seems to hurt him. He doesn't talk very well, and we have a terrible time understanding what he is saying half the time, which really frustrates him. I am really glad we did his surgery in enough time before going to Colorado, because i think it is going to be a 2 week recovery time for him to feel back to normal.

Avery has her cat scan tommorow morning, so that is going to start our day off fairly early. Fun Fun! They are going to try to do it without sedation, so hopefully they can. She is pretty cooperative so i think she will do fine. I just can't be in there with her because of being pregnant, but when i talked to the lady on the phone she said she was going to be there and would stay with her the whole time.

Ethan has a new fun thing to do around the house. Get mommy's deoderant and rub it all over the walls, i don't even know how he get's it because it's up on our dresser where he can't reach but somehow he does. I'm sure i will catch him in action one of these times.

Johnny is spending every night that i don't work, working on a side job, we are both looking forward to him being done with that so that we can actually spend some time together! It is a blessing though because it is providing some extra income so i can take off time when i have the baby without putting us behind, so i am thankful for that! I appreciate him working so hard for that.


Paula said...

Boy-you Seabas sure know how to have a good time!!! :)

Jen said...

How did the cat scan for Avery go?