Monday, June 04, 2007

Surgery Day

Trey had his tonsils and adenoids out today. We had to be to the hospital at 6am and surgery was at 7am. He said he wasn't nervous last night but sure had a hard time going to sleep, he watched a movie with daddy till late and slept in the recliner. Grandma Seaba kept Ethan and Avery so that daddy and mommy could both go be with Trey. We ate popcorn last night as his last snack before midnight and he kept his eye on the clock, he was worried about eating at 10 pm. This morning he was starting to get nervous on the way to the hopital and then when they called him back to get checked in he was getting very nervous we could tell but he was being such a brave boy! They brought the mask to him that he was going to be breathing in to go to sleep and let him take a strawberry chapstick to it to help with the smell for later. He later told me he didn't smell the strawberry and that it smelled like "poop and rotten eggs mixed". The nurses said he had a little hard time waking up, he was really upset i guess. When we got to go back to see him he kept asking the nurse if she could take out his iv. He kept saying "i want to go home". The dr. told us that his adenoids were large and that his tonsils were inflamed. After awhile in the recovery room we were able to take him home. He is doing well, we are giving him lortab every 4 hrs for the first 24 hrs so i'm sure that is helping. He is talking very carefully when he talks. We are loaded up on popsicles, jello, applesauce, soup, cool straws and drinks for the next couple of days. I'm sleeping on the couch with him in the recliner tonight in case he wakes up during the night, and Avery decided she needed to join the party too so she is sacked out on the floor. They fell asleep watching Star Wars, imagine that:) I took some cute pics of him in the hopital today so once i can post pics i will have to put a few on.


Paula said...

I'm glad that the surgery went ok. I wonder if Avery was thinking "Finally-someone else besides me is sick-ha,ha." :)

Chris & Roxy said...

Let Trey know we are proud of him for being such a brave boy. Let me know if you need anything.