Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Sand Dunes

my little mud princess
"is this how i do it, sissy?"
Aunt Dee Dee feeding sandy kids grapes
Being left in the van after getting cleaned up

On Saturday we went to the Sand Dunes. At the bottom there was a big beach type area with running water through it. This is where the little ones and some adults stayed while some of the rest climbed the dunes. It was quite the muddy sandy mess, let me tell you. Ethan thought he was in heaven, he didn't stop running around in the water for a very long time, that was until he learned from his sister to just sit down and start getting covered in the sand. He fell in the water before i had the chance to get his suit on so i left him in his clothes to trash them, and he didn't seem to mind at all. Trey climbed some of the dunes with some of the others, he and his cousin Trevin had quite the time, it got really windy and they didn't have shirts on so needless to say they were really beat when they got back! I'm sure Susan will elaborate on that whole story:) My mom ended up sitting in the van with it running for an hr or 2 with some of the babies and we one by one took babies to the van and cleaned the sand off with paper towels and left them with Grandma. For me this was by far the most exausting day, even though i did no climbing.

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Paula said...

The mud looks very relaxing! :) Ethan looks a little confused...