Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Day 2

Trey is not feeling so hot today. He started out the day with a high fever. I woke him at about midnight to give him his pain medicine and he fought taking it because he was hurting, so i let him sleep the rest of the night without waking him. He coughed alot during the night, and he was hurting pretty bad when he woke up. Once we got the pain medicine in him again he felt a little better. The dr. called to check on him so i was able to ask about the fever, and he said that was a little high but as long as we were able to get it down it was ok. I can't get him to eat anything today at all but he will still sip water for me. I had to get out of the house (even if it was for 10 min) so we went and grabbed mcdonalds for lunch and i got him a choc shake but he said it didn't taste good to him. He has a fever again this evening and feeling really yucky, seems to be needing to cough a lot which of course must hurt really bad. Daddy came home and loved on him a little before heading off to his side job this afternoon. Avery is being really sweet to him too, today when we had mcdonalds in the car, he said "Avery will you please chew with your mouth shut" (this is an ongoing issue between them) and i was shocked to hear her respond " ok Trey, i will try" . Usually that request is met with a snappy response from her, so at least i may not have any fighting for the next few days. :)

A milestone for Ethan today was that he shook his head yes for the first time in response to something. We have been working on this for some time now, but he still would shake his head no and say no for everything even if he meant yes. After dinner tonight i asked if he wanted a popsicle and he shook his head yes. Way to go Ethan, now we just have to get the word yes down!


John & Melanie said...

Hey if you need to get out for a little bit give me a call. Ella would have fun playing with Avery again

grammaneir said...

Trey, I'm sorry your hurting - we are praying for you - it will be better soon.
And thanks Avery for being so kind - that sure makes Jesus happy.
Ethan, good for you - you'll be talking more by the time we spend with you in CO.
We love you all!

Paula said...

Good job Avery on being a good sister when your brother needs it most! It's good that Ethan is learning to nod yes. It get very frustrating when I ask him something and the answer is always no. :)

Anonymous said...

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