Thursday, June 28, 2007

Hike To The Meadow

On Sunday we went to Laveta and headed up to the trail that leads to a meadow where we have for years carved on trees. Johnny and i started our tree when we got engaged on family vacation their in Colorado in 1994. He added Trey and Avery in 2003 when he and Greg took a motorcycle trip up there. I added Ethan and Raegan and 07 this time. I couldnt get a really good picture of all of it because it is taking up a good long portion of the tree, but the kids initials and o3 showed up pretty good. The hike was fun, Ethan was carried by Aunt Susan the whole way there and back (Thank you Susan!) He loved watching and hearing the stream and would just stare at it. We had a little service with singing and the kids sharing Bible verses they know and then my dad shared a bit. After we all carved on our trees we headed back. It was a nice hike, i was tired but not hurting like i had been after the day at the sand dunes. It was fun telling the kids that daddy had asked mommy to marry him there.

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Paula said...

It's nice when you can bring the past and present together like that. :) The tree idea is neat, but is it hard to find the same tree each time??