Friday, August 31, 2007

What Is That Noise Mommy?

Raegan loves her swing. She takes a nice long morning nap everyday in it. This afternoon she was wide awake when i put her in it and just stared towards the noise of the motor. It seems early, but i swear i got my first smile today. I was talking to her and she just kept smiling big smiles. It was so sweet! She had a checkup on Wed. and was back up to 8 lbs. 13 oz. so is doing great with her weight. Her dr said her eyes were a little yellow, but she decided not to stick her since it seemed to be getting better rather than worse. She will check her again next week. Today is my last day of having my sister, Susan stay with me. She has been such a huge help! Thank you SO much Susan and thank you Greg and kids for letting me borrow your wife and mommy! Next week will be a little jolt of reality for me when i have to load up all the kids every morning to go to school. :) Ethan is getting better adjusted. He is very sweet with Raegan. If he accidentally bumps her he pats her and says "oh i sorry baby". I will have to admit, 4 has definately been an adjustment for Johnny and i, we feel like our house is very full (which it is) but another couple of weeks under our belt and things will probably settle down into a nice routine.

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Paula said...

Poor thing looks so scared!! :)