Monday, August 13, 2007

Diaper Study Complete

Well i'm taking in my last load of pooped and peed in stinky diapers today. Three weeks of free diapers and $75 made it well worth my time! I was a little concerned finishing it this close to my due date, but Johnny had it mostly figured out or at least the first bagging process (yes they are in several bags, but it is still a bit stinky!) so that made me feel a little better. Ethan is showing signs that he is ready to be potty trained so i think we got this done just in time! (although mommy is not quite ready for the potty training at this particular time) Every morning when he takes a bath he runs to the potty and says "go pee" and hops up there and pees. I know all to well the results of starting to push it too early and having a year long potty training process (been there done that) which i am not ready for, so right now that is all we are doing. :) Although having two in diapers again may change my mind quickly the first time i have to go buy two packs!


Anonymous said...

Hey, they are just starting a potty training study. Think he is ready for it? They will give you 3 weeks of pull-ups. :0)


Paula said...

I need to find a study like that to join!!! :)