Monday, August 20, 2007

Yes... Still Pregnant

No, the weekend did not bring any desired labor pains or anything like that. On Sat. I cleaned the church, washed and vacuumed out the van, and then walked 3 miles outside at a pretty good pace with no results!! :) I considered breaking into a jog for awhile but decided that might be a bit much. The kids and daddy rode their bikes with me while i walked. I would have walked longer but Johnny told me i couldn't walk all night :) and it was starting to rain so i decided to stop. I did sleep really good Sat night so at least i got something out of it. I go see the dr later today. Ethan stayed with Grandma last night and Trey and Avery are at school so now i can start all over cleaning my house, packing the kids stuff and getting everything ready for round #2. I feel like that movie Groundhog Day. (i think that was the name of it)


Chris & Roxy said...

You could always come clean my house and wash my car if you thought that would help!! (Just trying to be supportive):)

Paula said...

Hopefully you will not go thru Groundhog Day because that movie repeated the main scene at least a dozen times. Hopefully Raegan will make her appearance before Thursday. :)

Val said...

Better to have "groundhog day" be the cleaning and organizing day, rather than D-day, where you just labor day after day after day. =)