Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Prayer Request

There has been talk at Johnny's work of a supervisor position for him, and today his boss's boss talked with him and will be taking it before the owners of the company on Friday. He would be changing to an install supervisor if he got the position. It would also mean a couple $ raise which would of course be fantastic! So if you think about it on Friday, pray that they approve this. He enjoys the position that he is in now (templater) but if he can move up that would be great!


Val said...

Oh a raise would be great, especially with Raegan arriving soon! We'll be praying about it!!!

grammaneir said...

Sounds good - will pray with you.

Paula said...

It's hard when you might get a promotion because you don't know how much you will like it more-even with more money. I will pray that the best thing happens-if that means he gets the promotion. :)