Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Will I Have A Baby?

I don't know, i think i might just be pregnant forever, never to deliver! This afternoon when i got home with the kids from school i started having contractions 2-4 minutes apart for over an hr. I was told on Monday if i had contractions 5 min apart that were regular to get right to the hospital. After spending lot's of time in tears and in pain on the phone with my sis, Johnny got home and took me to the hospital. They got us checked in, promised us we would be staying and that we were safe to bring our stuff in, got my iv and blood work done, and started getting iv fluids. After an hr or so the contractions started spreading out and slowed way down. Apparently the iv fluids slowed things down? They had me walk for 45 minutes but couldn't get them stirred back up. After a call to my dr who we are ever so happy with right now, we were told that she wanted us to go home and come back in the morning. So once again off we went with our bags, actually Johnny took right off so as not to explode in front of the nurse, while i waited on discharge papers. They tell us "they promise we are on for tomorrow, and in no way will be cancelled". You think? since i'm 41 weeks and going to have a very large child??? Ok i'm getting sarcastic so i better stop, i know there may be a very good reason that Raegan is not supposed to be born till tomorrow, but my feelings are... what does tomorrow hold? :) Hopefully my next post will not be a whiny grudegful post, but an announcement that Raegan has safely entered the world.... Now i'm going to try to get some sleep before we have to get up and head up to the hospital again bright and early.

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