Wednesday, August 15, 2007

First Day Of School

Today was Trey and Avery's first day of school. When we got to the school Trey asked if he could go ahead and give me my kiss and hug before we went inside. :) I said "of course, Trey". I walked them to their classrooms to take a couple of pictures of them, but Trey did not want mommy taking any pictures. You can tell he is not so thrilled with the one picture he finally agreed to let me take of him. Avery posed with her good friend that we were so excited to find out was in her class this year! She, opposite of Trey gave me several hugs and kisses, and then Ethan and i were off. Today was only half a day, tomorrow is a full day. They both love their teachers already and made several new friends today. (each of them only have one or two from their classes last year)

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Jen said...

You seem so much more calm about the kids starting school than I am. I guess you have a lot on your mind (not to mention your back) right about now though. :) That's great that Avery has a good friend in her class! That always makes school so much more fun doesn't it.
It's cute that Trey is getting embarassed of you taking pictures. He is growing up way too quickly! I still have his picture in a collage frame in our family room when it was just the three of you on his 1st or 2nd birthday(?) How time flies!