Tuesday, August 14, 2007

To My Sweet Little Raegan,

I've enjoyed having you in my belly from before i could even feel you were there, except for the feeling of having to puke everyday. Then there were those first flutters of movement, how awesome they felt! I felt pretty energetic back then and was thoroughly enjoying being pregnant. I've enjoyed having you all to my self, talking to you and bonding with you when i haven't even seen you yet. I love going to sleep at night with your daddy's hand on my belly feeling his little sweetie wiggle around and watching the kids get so excited when you give them a little kick... Mommy is stretched just about as far as i can stretch now sweetie, i think it is time for you to come on out. Your little kicks have turned into big kicks, you are pretty strong now, and when you wiggle it hurts now. You have the hiccups constantly, and you karate chop at daddy when he pokes mommy in the tummy with a lightsaber, which of course just eggs your crazy daddy on to do it some more.... We all love you very much already Raegan and want to meet you soon! I know i will miss feeling you inside of me, but instead i will get to cuddle you and kiss your little face. Soon... Love, Mommy


Val said...

Oh Lisa, that is so sweet! That will be so special for her to read when she's older.

(And it totally made me want to have #3 on the way, so Josh thanks you for that.)

Paula said...

Oh the hormones! I might have to write a letter to Abigail before she arrives,but right now too tired. :)