Thursday, April 28, 2011

A noisy day

A couple of weeks ago we started yet another project around here. We bought pavers at a really discounted price 2 years ago to redo our back patio. It was in really bad shape, cracked and sunken down in places. Last year Johnny attempted to build some forms and was going to go over the patio with the pavers but that was going to end up being way too high so we didn't end up getting it done last summer.

He decided to rent a jackhammer and get the concrete out of there. He had four hours to get it out so he took no breaks, kept that thing going the entire time. It did not look like any fun at all to me...

the kids and i were the rock carriers. trey stuck with it all day! the other two were kind of in and out.

ethan found a way to move the rock...he made trip after trip this way

this is what raegan though about the jack hammer

this is what our patio looked like at the end of the day. all of those rocks are now removed and in a massive pile in the backyard. phase one of the project is complete. phase two is getting the rock out of here and dumped! phase three will be building the new porch, our old one had rotted, (it's amazing someone had not fallen through it) and then finally phase four will be getting the new pavers down! The plan is to hopefully be able to get to enjoy the completed back porch and patio area this summer!

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grammaneir said...

Lots of hard work - and hauling with that truck Ethan would have worn me out. You all are good helpers.