Sunday, May 01, 2011

Midnight run

Trey and i stayed up late Friday night and went and ran a Midnight 5k benefiting the Special Olympics. Weather was awesome for running, very windy but perfect temps for running!

I have a only ran one other race with Trey and that was back when he was just starting to run. A cross country season and track season later and boy he is a different runner! We ran the whole thing together until the very last stretch when he turned it on with a sprint and mom didn't have the sprint left in her. His finishing time was 23:54 and i followed 2 or 3 seconds later. We have joked about how much longer i was going to be able to beat him and it seems that has officially come to an end.

He placed 40th overall out of 377 people and 5th in his age division (10-19). He got passed by two 14 yr old boys right at the end that we had been running right with the entire time so he was kinda bummed that they got by or he would have gotten an award.

I completely enjoyed my night out with my boy running and look forward to doing some more with him this summer hopefully!

Here is my poor quality picture that we had someone take with my camera phone but it's a picture nonetheless.

Great job Trey! You obeyed well when i said to "time to kick it in", guess i need to work on my kick a little so i can "kick it in" with you! :)


grammaneir said...

Super job Trey & Elisa! What fun to do it together. Proud of both of you.

Val said...

Way to go both of you! You both did great! It kind of stinks that Trey's age range is 10-19. There's a lot of difference between a 10-year-old and a 19-year-old...

Anyway, I have a feeling Trey is going to be winning a lot of races in his near future!

A Full House said...

Awesome, Trey! I know your mom so enjoyed that running with you!