Wednesday, May 04, 2011

A night at the K

Avery's choir at school had the opportunity to sing the national anthem at the Royals game last night. She came home from school the day before yesterday and said "i have exciting news, my name was drawn to go out on the field early and watch batting practice".

Avery was worried sick that we wouldn't make it in time since we were stuck in lot's of traffic but we made it in plenty of time much to her relief!

hanging out on the field watching batting practice. avery got a ball and the officer tossed ethan a ball that the player hit back so ethan was pretty pumped about that!

it was pretty neat seeing the choir walk out onto the field! they did a great job singing!

of course had to take a picture of them on the jumbo tron!

and then they were brought up to us up in the sky section/nose bleed section :)

and hung out with friends the rest of the night. We stayed till the start of the 10th inning, and they won the game soon after we left. Fun night and something i'm sure avery will never forget!


Katie said...

That is so cool! I bet you were one proud mama.

Val said...

That's great! How fun that they do so much for kids!!

grammaneir said...

That was neat. Glad you had that opportunity Avery.

Little Wifey said...

How exciting was that!!! (And the Royals won--YAY!) What a privilege for Avery to get to be part of singing the national anthem!