Monday, May 16, 2011


12 days and counting till the pool opens! I'm not sure who is more excited, Mommy or the kids!

First year of the pool when we will have to use NO SWIM DIAPERS!! woohoo!

6 and 1/2 days of school left! I know who is more excited for this but i would have to say i am pretty excited as well. We will be spending lot's of days at WOF and the pool this summer!! I have learned the best way not to go crazy during the summers in our tiny house with all 4 kids home is to get out and stay busy. The two little one's naps are quickly approaching an end as they rarely nap during the summer!

We had the annual "amazing race" that our ABF class at church puts on. So Fun! We started out great finding the cat in the field quickly and getting out in the lead. We opted not to take the 8 minute penalty in order to use gps or internet access on phones. We lost time at the Oak Park Mall when we searched for the next clue for about 15 minutes and we got a little lost in Gardner for about another 10-15 minutes later but we finished 2nd after 13 legs of the race. We had a blast and actually work together pretty well under pressure besides a couple of "shut up and listens" that was probably caught on video. John tends to want to keep talking when stressed and i just want to concentrate :) I'm just glad that he does all the nasty food eating because i would never keep it down. It was durian fruit this time and the smell every time someone burped after eating it was bad enough to possibly kill a small animal!

Here is our kitty, (our first clue) and the remaining legs of the race

We are rapidly approaching our trip to Mexico. We are getting so excited!! The kids are jealous that we get to go on a plane. One of these days we will take them all on a plane...that might be way down the road!

Hope your having a great start to your week!


June said...

Can't wait. We will be gone the first week of the pool and you will be gone the 2nd. Our kids might go crazy waiting to get together there.

Val said...

Ew. Durian. That's one of the national fruits over here. They actually ban it from hotels and other enclosed spaces b/c it smells so terribly!

It sounds like you did great in AR! What a fun activity. I'm sorry to say that I don't think Josh and I would get along so well in something like that. =)

grammaneir said...

Love your picture of the kids on the beginning of the blog. You do great on those Elisa. I hear you are brown and then some for your Mexico trip.