Monday, May 23, 2011

Catch up

Busy busy May! That is what it has been! Here is a little of what we have been up to the last week or so...

Avery and her friend Mikayla participated in the school talent show. They sang and danced to a little Justin Bieber or "justin biever" as Raegan would say...

Ethan had his last soccer game. Avery got to hang out with her friend Emma and do a little hula hooping...

Ethan got a medal, something that he was super excited for!

he posed for a picture with his bud Will

We have started our trips out to Worlds of fun and Raegan can't wait to ride the patriot roller coaster so she practices sitting in the test seat...yea right, i can't even get her to go on half the rides in planet snoopy. It takes a while to build her bravery back up since she hasn't been on them for some months now...

Tomorrow is the last day of school!! Half day! This school year has flown!

I have been busy working on my calendar. I have a list a mile long in my head, lot's of little things to do before leaving the country! I am now starting to get that all down on paper and actually accomplished a lot today to check off. Here i go with my lists. I am so obsessed with lists!

John and I celebrated our 16th anniversary. We just went out to dinner and wandered around the Legends and bought nothing but socks for one of our kids, how is that for date night! :) 6 days in Mexico will make up for a low key anniversary night, that is for sure!

A few random moments around here that make momma smile, blush or shake my head:

walking by the pineapples in the grocery store Ethan stopped and said "alright, which one of you does spongebob live in?!"

picking raegan up from sunday school and realizing she has gone commando under her little skirt(when she announces, "i'm not wearing any panties!" followed by a gasp from me!'s not like little 3 years olds are always lady like so i can't even imagine...hopefully she sat like a little lady the 2 plus hours she was in there!

after running tonight tucking raegan into bed i leaned down to kiss her goodnight and she said "oh mommy you smell awful, what is up with that?"

Ethan didn't seem to care about my awful smell he followed with "i love you more than the whole world!"

Hope your having a great start to your week!


grammaneir said...

Cute pictures and comments.

Katie said...

I love making list too. THey make me feel good. Praying for you to have a SUPER fun, safe, relaxing trip.

Little Wifey said...

You really could write a book with little snippets of your kids' comments :)
I like that picture of you & Johnny. Very nice!

Tina... said...

I love the pics!! Another year of soccer with the Seaba's...we love it!