Monday, April 04, 2011

Helmet head

We took the kids to the helmet head rodeo put on by the city fire department. They were all in need of new helmets!

they first took their bikes through the bike inspection where they checked the bikes over and made sure they were in safe working order, then they had their heads measured to see what size of helmets they needed and then it was off to the next station of getting their brand new helmets adjusted on their head and then sent to have it checked by the safety guy

obviously i have a hard time getting all four to smile for the camera at the same time but this was the only one where 3 of the four were smiling...trey was probably telling me something...

then they were off to a bike course. ethan concentrated soo hard while he was staying on the lines and continued to work on his stopping abilities (still need a little work but getting better)

the three oldest lined up to do the course

raegan got a helmet too even though we didn't take a bike for her. she does have avery's old bike but we have not attempted at getting her started on that yet. we should probably pull that our and get some training wheels back on it!

*In other things, Trey has his first track meet tomorrow. He has been having trouble with a groin strain so his coach had him run easy on Friday and keep ice on it all weekend. He was moving around a lot better yesterday and today so hoping when he runs Tuesday he doesn't make it worse! He will be running the 800, the 4 x 100 and the 4 x 200 relays.


grammaneir said...

Like those helmets - Have fun riding and be safe. Looks like a fun event.

Katie said...

A sports injury already? Your little boy is turning into a man!
The 800 is the worst race! A SUPER long sprint. Get that poor kid running the mile.