Friday, April 15, 2011

Track meet #2

Wednesday Trey had another track meet. I have found it is very hard to keep track of which place they come in on the relay teams unless you know what all the team member look like and i don't know all of his relay team members...he had smooth transitions on all his handoffs...

he got done with the 4x200 m relay and had to go straight over to line up for the 800 meter race. He is consistent, he held 6th place the entire run until the very end and this guy in the purple passed him. Trey said he "just didn't have it to pass him back" I could tell he didn't, he was worn out. He didn't hear his time when he crossed so not sure how that was compared to his last 800.

You did a great job Trey! We were very proud of you!

Grandpa and Grandma Seaba came out to watch him run

and dad took off work a little early so that he could make his meet too, thank goodness because he is soo much better with the video camera than me! i tend to forget that i'm videoing and jump around and well let's just say my futute would never be in videography if that's even a word

A couple more meets to go...track is going to be over before we know is going to be out before we know it!

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grammaneir said...

Good job Trey! Wish we were closer so we could come to your meets. We are cheering for you from Hutch:)