Friday, April 22, 2011


Well the responses to this post were underwhelming, ha... but i said i would answer them today so here goes...

1. What color are my eyes? green

2. What is my natural hair color? blonde (i have only highlighted it once in my life but as my color is becoming more and more gray that will have to be done more frequently i think!

3. How many did i have in my graduating class? uno, one, me myself and i (i went to a very small private school)

4. What college did i sign a letter of intent to run cross country for? Hutchinson Community College (though i ended up at the very ended changing my mind and going to Bible College)

5. How old was i when i married my crazy husband and how long have we been married? I was 20, he was 21 (we had trouble getting a rental car) and we will be celebrating 16 years on May 20!

6.What is my life long dream? to run the New York City Marathon!

7. What is one of my habits? (this could be a scary question to ask) i bite the inside of my cheeks when i am nervous, bored, upset, busy...pretty much all the time!

8. What is my dream vehicle? a brand new Honda Oddyssey with a dvd player to entertain the kids! (i'm a minivan gal!)

9. What was my average weight gain with each pregnancy? 40 whopping lbs

10. What number of blog post is this? i believe this is 902

Bonus question

11. Where did i go on a missions trip to in high school? i went to Moscow, Russia! We took a ton of Bibles to hand out and ran out soo quickly! We held open air meetings at an amusement type park, I remember being a little freaked out when a policeman came right up to me outside of a subway station (all i could think of was the books we read when i was younger about secret police in Russia) He was asking so kindly for a Bible! It was an awesome experience that i would never trade and i will encourage my teens some day to go on a missions trip as well!

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