Thursday, April 21, 2011

How well do you know the blogger

It's game time! 10 questions about well do you know me...most of the answers have been answered in a blog post at some time over the years.

Immediate family will obviously know most of these answers so don't read prior comments until you give your own answers...or cheat if you want i suppose ;)

Here we go...cmon if you read this blog and have never commented today is the day...dive in :)

1. What color are my eyes?
2. What is my natural hair color?
3. How many did i have in my graduating class?
4. What college did i sign a letter of intent to run cross country for?
5. How old was i when i married my crazy husband and how long have we been married?
6.What is my life long dream?
7. What is one of my habits? (this could be a scary question to ask)
8. What is my dream vehicle?
9. What was my average weight gain with each pregnancy?
10. What number of blog post is this?

Bonus question

11. Where did i go on a missions trip to in high school?

Ok, i decided the fact is no one is going to make a comment that long to answer all of these! So, if you want to play pick one or two to answer...i will give the answers tomorrow.


June said...

I am going to wait a few days to answer to give others a chance. I know most of them, I think. :)

The Lanker Family said...

Lisa, this post showed up on my google reader a week or two ago and when I went to your site to comment it wasn't there anymore...iI haven't seen it until today. Weird! I wonder if thats why no comments.