Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spring game

We have started an annual tradition of heading to Nebraska to watch their spring game each April. Last year we left the two youngest with Grandma but this year Ethan was pretty excited that he was going to get to go too. We left by 7 in the morning. We usually take food and grill out but we decided since the day was going to start out pretty chilly that it didn't sound very fun to eat outside and freeze so we ate at Applebees before the game.

the kids are die hard Nebraska fans just like Daddy. Johnny would like me to be a little more of a die hard fan than i am but it's a slow process...i'm getting there. i did wear my jersey too! it warmed up a lot and there was hardly any wind once we got in the stadium so we were actually pretty warm throughout the game.

ethan thought it was the coolest that "everybody there was cheering for Nebraska!" he loved it!

i'm really glad daddy has someone to discuss the game with now cause i really am quite clueless when it comes to football...i do get the basics, i like to see a touchdown...but all that in between stuff...kinda boring (did i type that out loud??)

the kids do a drug free pledge at half time. we got onto the field right as they were ending it! that's how many people were trying to get on the field!

johnny stays on the field until the yellow jacket guys come start chasing everyone off

we let the kids play around a little before we headed to the car...they checked out the nose bleed section

all ethan wanted all day was a cob hat! thank goodness we found this one that he could model for a picture and that satisfied him...no way was i spending $22 for a corn cob for my childs head!

Trey bought himself a souvenir (the visor) and we scored some free food from a place that must have been trying to use up their stuff. It was a fun day and it remains to be seen if #4 will join the crew heading to Nebraska next year.

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Val said...

What a fun tradition! I'm with you about the excitement of a football game. (I'm more into the tailgating myself. =)