Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Edited archived post

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The first part of this post is the original post i wrote in 2009 and at the end i added to it today...

So where do you

shop? If you are like our family you are starting to frequent (even more than normal) Target and Walmart as shopping days are quickly winding down!

I'm a Target shopper, i love Target pretty much everything about it! I even grocery shopped their UNTIL that is Super Walmart came very near to my house and i had to give it a try (groceries). So much drives me crazy about Walmart...the carts weigh what feels like 200 lbs and when you fill them with groceries and put that 24 pak of water on the bottom...that's it, there is no more steering capability...add on a kid or two riding on the end of the cart and my patience is shot (ha, like that takes very much). Where are the help boxes (push that lovely little button and help comes a runnin), no no help boxes at Walmart...you just learn to shinny up the shelf and grab that pack of size 4 diapers a half mile back on the shelf!

But, did i stay with buying groceries at Target? After a few times of shopping at Walmart i did go back and try Target again and of course was happy to be back in my "comfortable turf" with the plastic carts that didn't weigh 200 pounds! The price difference for groceries and this money saving momma's good conscience sent me shopping for things to fill my hungry's kids tummy's back to the 200 pound cart land...please tell me i'm not the only one that has trouble pushing these...am i really that weak? I continue to wait in the god forsaken long lines that Walmart seems to think might be good for your health or something, and as i stand their i daydream about how if i was at Target they would be jumping on other lanes to ease the lines.

But, all in the name of money i go and i go again, week after week...pushing my 200 pound cart with my 24 bottles of water on the bottom, two kids hanging off the end of the cart doing my one-stop, get everything shopping trip!

So where do you grocery shop...do you go to 200 pound cart land? Or are you a lover of the Target handy dandy help box? Oh trust me, i go to Target still a plenty, just not for the groceries.

Edited 04/05/11

I was recently talking with a friend and we were talking about grocery shopping. She told me about a study done recently that resulted in Target being a percentage cheaper than Walmart for groceries! That was all it took for me to give it another try Plus i signed up for the Target debit card where it comes directly from your checking account and you save 5% on all purchases.

Last night i calmly meandered around the Target grocery with the super light cart (even with the 24 pak of water) giving it a go again to see if i could stay within my budget at the place that i would rather shop!

The results? Most everything that i buy from week to week was the same price with the exception of about three or four items that were a little higher. But, in the end after my 5% savings i stayed within my budget range AND i went to get in line behind two people and someone quickly opened up the next lane and someone came and said "i think this lane will be quicker if you would like to move over here" SOLD! I'm going back! Sure i'm sure i will get a few groceries here and there at Walmart but my big weekly shopping trips i'm heading back to Target...the always find a parking spot, help box for when your lost or need help reaching somehting, toiletry item section that you don't have to walk a mile across the store to get to with a full cart that you can no longer steer, people that are quick to ease the lines, did i mention the light carts???, and a debit card that saves you 5% on your shopping trip! Oh and light carts, but i think i already mentioned that...

I heart Target! I think they should pay me for this :)


grammaneir said...

Yes they should Elisa. Our walmart has the awful carts too and besides being heavy, they have a broken wheel or they want to go only one way and you have to fight it the whole time. Daddy says some of them seem to have square wheels.
Anyway, we know what you are talking about.

Journaling My Journey said...

You have a gift. I will pray it will get matched with where they will pay you!

The Lanker Family said...

I want a Super Target!!! Our Walmart did just get all new carts, and guess what...they are still just as heavy as the old ones!!!

Little Wifey said...

Good insight, Elisa! You really SHOULD be a paid spokesperson for Target!

Tina said...

Girl - I am so with you on this one! I love Target, but, ALAS! there is no Super Target in my area!!! And, YES! the WM carts do weigh about 200 lbs even when empty.
What's up with a Target DEBIT CARD?!?! Do tell, please!

Tina said...

Girl - I am so with you on this one! YES . . . the carts @ Walmart weigh at least 200 lbs empty. Alas! There is no Super Target in my area! I MUCH prefer Target!!
What's this about a Target debit card? Do tell, please!