Sunday, April 03, 2011

Micro soccer

Ethan is playing micro soccer (pre-kindergarten). He is playing with his buddy Will who he will be starting kindergarten with this fall so he was pretty excited about that! We failed at getting cleats before his first game so pay no attention to his tennis shoes :) My thrifty self was just sure we had a pair of Trey's old ones that would fit him but searched and searched and only found a pair too small and another too big, so daddy ran him to Walmart quick before the game and they had none! Today John was getting something out of the garage off the shelf and said what about these?? A pair of cleats that fit perfectly...woohoo :)

besides a minor meltdown about the shin guards he was super excited!

They spent the fist half hour teaching them some soccer skills...pretty fun to watch, especially when they tell them to put right or left foot on the ball...half the group always had the wrong foot on their ball.

Trey was very timid when he did micro soccer. Ethan is completely opposite. The last half hour they scrimmaged. Ethan didn't slow down, he was on the ball the whole time and i think he even threw an elbow...we will have to remind him not to do that!

practicing kicking some goals...his buddy Will is to the right of him

It's going to be so fun watching these guys!

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grammaneir said...

He knows what he is doing. Good job Ethan!