Thursday, March 31, 2011

This and that

My girls have been more into headbands lately and i see all these cute headbands to buy but quite frankly do not want to spend $5-$7 on a headband so for $2.46 i bought five headbands at Walmart and picked up some fabric squares and and made some fun headbands for the girls. These are my first attempts so i have a little perfecting to do yet so don't look too close...

Avery wears headbands all the time and informed me she is not a fan of the button so i'm going to have to come up with something besides the button for hers! This girl knows exactly what she likes and doesn't like trust me!

This one i put in just because it cracks me up! i don't know what she was looking at!

We had Westin and Lincoln over Tuesday, two of Ethan and Raegan's good buds. These four play together so well. I believe they were "hunting" for something. They take turns having play dates at each other's houses and always look forward to those days!

Trey had his echo done on Monday morning and Tuesday we got a call that everything was normal (praise the Lord!) so we were very happy with that news. Thank you to all who prayed. I think Trey was more worried about it than he let on seeing the relief when i told him his heart was completely normal and strong!

Hope your having a great week!

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June said...

Molly knows exactly what she wants and what she doesn't, too. Maggie was never like that. Drives me crazy sometimes. Love the hairbands.