Tuesday, March 01, 2011

F for February

That's the grade i'm giving myself for my mileage challenge progress for the month! I think i did a whopping 10 miles! BUT, today is a new month! There is light at the end of this winter tunnel!

Along with the end of the month at this house always comes a slew of things to turn in at school...reading calendars, Baip (online math quizzes) that always have to be crammed, math packets (have i ever mentioned how much i dislike math??) , sports forms, physical forms, order forms, picture forms...i gotta stop, i'm getting a headache again!

Speaking of headaches i have had a month long non-stop headache! Not sure what is causing it but it has outstayed it's welcome by about 28 days! Even when it eases up, it's still there...if that makes sense.

Raegan had her first dental appointment. She went in with the intention of being so brave! And then, they raised the chair. She fell to pieces, holding my hand and bawling her little eyes out. She calmed down a little and they pulled out the toothbrush...fell apart again, curling up in the fetal position and begging for her blankie! She didn't get her teeth cleaned or xrays done but she did let the dentist put the mirror in her mouth and check her teeth. She has her first two cavities. Soo with the help of some medicine (she won't go to sleep completely) and some laughing gas she will be getting those done in April.

Trey didn't escape the germs and ended up sick over the weekend and missed school yesterday. He had such a sore throat i took him in. No strep but he did get an antibiotic for a sinus infection. They also asked if i had ever been told he had a heart murmur...i have not. he said it could be amplified a little since he was sick. Even though from what i have read they are almost always nothing to worry about and are pretty common it makes me a tad nervous with this coming up right before track season is starting. I tend to lean towards being overly cautious so may get him listened to again once his cold clears up to see if they still hear it. He was feeling much better and went back to school today.

I am boring and random today, so if you made it this far...thanks for reading!

Insert picture...oh that's right i haven't taken any pictures the last few days...


grammaneir said...

It was not boring - Raegan in the dentist chair made me laugh even though I know it wasn't funny then.

June said...

Maybe your headache is from lack of running? I seriously get headaches when I go from running to not running. It is like everything tightens up. 155 to 10 is quite the drop. :) Of course, you walk your legs off at work so its not like you sit on your behind. :)

Well, nice weather is coming soon. I can't wait. Today was awesome. Hope you stay well.

Michelle said...

I often hear heart murmurs on my little patients when they are sick. Definitely follow up on it, but it is probably harmless. Let me know what they say when he goes back!