Saturday, February 26, 2011

I think i'll keep him

He's a boy after my own heart...

he vacuumed this rug for about 20 minutes until i finally made him quit!

Guess who is sick again! Poor girl is having drainage from every place on her head that drainage can come out of! Her eyes are like a faucet and so is her nose. Her poor ears are hurting her and she has her first ear infections since having tubes...but because of having tubes we knew this only because gunk is draining out of her ears. We just had to call her ent to get some drops. She is like trying to hold down a little lion while putting the drops in. She HATES it and that is an understatement. John holds her down and i get them in, with lot's of screaming in between! She just wanted to be held and rocked last night and i took advantage of her slowing down and cuddling with me!

Have a great weekend!


Barbie said...

Good job, Ethan! Poor Raegan :( I hope she gets better real soon!

grammaneir said...

Sorry Raegan - we love you and hope you feel better soon.
Ethan, looked like you were doing a super job helping Mommy - good boy!

Katie said...

Yay, for Ethan the helper! You are one lucky mom!